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New students 
If you've never had a yoga class with us before, then floor yoga classes will be $1 per class for the remainder of July.  

Returning students
If you've taken classes with us before, then classes will be $5 per class for the remainder of July. 
* Aerial Yoga is NOT included and these prices are only good for the remainder of July 

Student/Teacher Discount
If you have a valid and current student or teacher I.D., the drop-in fee will be just $5 per class. This will be a permanent change to our pricing. This is for Floor Yoga ONLY and does not include Aerial Yoga. 

Current Students
If you have a punch card or a current monthly plan, floor yoga classes will be free for the remainder of July.  

Coming Soon
Yin Yang Yoga Wheel class is coming in August. Details coming soon...

July Yoga Schedule: 
(* Indicates a good class for beginners)
F l o o r  Y o g a
9:00 AM   All Levels Yoga with Meghan
7:00 PM   Yoga Alignment with Amy

6:30 PM   Gentle Yoga with Seymour*

9:00 AM   Beginners with Meghan*
6:30 PM    Yin Yoga with Hanna*

7:00 PM     Beginners with Stephanie*

9:00 AM    All Level Yoga with Meghan*
6:30 PM    Power Flow with Hanna

A e r i a l   Y o g a
9:00 AM    Aerial Plus with Gina CANCELLED 7/27 ONLY
5:30 PM   Beginners Aerial with Stephanie*

10:30 AM    Beginners Aerial with Sandra*


Drop-in Fee - $15
4 - Class Pass Card - $35 (saves you $25)
10 - Class Pass Card- $80 (saves you $70)
1 Month/Unlimited (most popular!)- $60

Yoga Pre-paid Package Deals
3 months -   $155  saves you $25 (Floor Yoga ONLY)
12 months - $600  saves you $120 (Floor Yoga ONLY)


Drop in Fee - $15 Per Class 
4 - Class Pass Card - $40 (saves you $20)
8 - Class Pass Card - $75 (saves you $45)

Private Yoga Lessons Available
Please contact Sandra @ 956-412-3745 for more info

We are a Silver & Fit facility. Silver & Fit is a program offered through most health insurance companies for senior citizens. To find out if you qualify, please call your insurance provider and ask them if they offer the Silver & Fit program. If they do, they will cover 10 yoga classes per month here at our facility. So that's 10 FREE yoga classes for you every month! Give them a call! If you have Silver & Fit and want to begin taking FREE yoga classes with us, please call us at 956-412-3745 and we'll get you set up. All we need is your "Fitness I.D. number", a personalized number given to each Silver & Fit customer by your insurance provider. 
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