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Healing Services with 
Rishi Sandra 

Back by popular demand! 
Our most popular healing services for a limited time! 
Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing
$50 - 30 min. SPECIAL PRICE!

Your aura is cleansed with smoke, scent and sound. Your chakras are balanced with a 7 Metal Tibetan Bowl, crystal bowl and tuning forks. Stones and oils are used to help balance your emotions.

Cleansing of the feet, hands, face, head and shoulders with water from the Ganga River in India as well as anointing the third eye with Holy Blessed Oil from Jerusalem.

 An enlightening conversation will take place after the cleansing to further your insight in spiritual growth based on the cleansing experience.
Hand Analysis Reading 
$50 - 30 min. SPECIAL PRICE!

Recognizing the lines in the hands to understand our deepest character traits. Where do we need to make improvement?
The palmistry of ancient India isn't about predictions. The profound wisdom can literally transform your life. The lines in your hands will change when you have the tools to transform the way you think.
Depression, anxiety, bad habits, stubbornness, letting go of the past can all be accomplished when you gain a better understanding of yourself.

Phone Consultations
$75 - 30 minutes

Life Strategy Session
$150 - 1 Hour 
(our #1 service and best deal)   
The session includes an aura cleansing, a chakra balancing, candle and hand analysis session that is recorded by print, and includes a full body analysis. 

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