Whole Life Wellness Center - 401 E Filmore Ave., Harlingen, TX 78550
Upcoming Workshops

CBD Infused Hatha Yoga: Date & Price TBA 

Learn and practice detailed alignment with an emphasis on joint health in the wrists, knees and other areas. Practice and understand the connectivity of each particular joint in movement. In conjunction with understanding the physical body we will incorporate CBD salve on specific areas to provide comfort. CBD’s have benefits of their own and through this practice we’ll experience those benefits through our movement. 

CBD Oil Yin: Date & Price TBA

Infuse the gentle and restorative practice of yin yoga with dosages of CBD oil. For one hour and 15 minutes, experience the wonderful tool of surrender in yoga postures enhanced by the ingestion of CBD oil. The physical practice challenges the mind and body to “let go” and surrender to each posture while the use of CBD oil will aid in calming the inner chatter of the mind and extra stress on the body.

Both of these classes will be led by Brittany. 
Brittany is a 200hr RYT who received her training from It’s Yoga Cancun led by Liliana Mejia. Brittany began her yoga journey in 2014. Ever since her first yoga class, Brittany became addicted and eager to share what magic she experienced on the mat. Since the beginning of her journey, she has gone on to train and practice with other experienced teachers such as Kino Macgregor, Minnar Martinez, Michael Stewart and others. Brittany’s mission as a yoga instructor is to create a safe, harmonious and welcoming space for practitioners. While there are technicalities and seriousness to a yoga practice, she believes there is also space to explore and have fun.

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