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Curing Ailments Through Crystal
Bowl Therapy

Crystal Bowl Healing Therapy

Many years ago I was given my first singing bowl from two very wonderful friends Jody and Wayne as a gift for doing henna at their shop. Throughout the years I purchased tuning forks, tingshas, zills, chimes, metal bowls, and countless bells but fell in love with Crystal Singing Bowls and knew they would be a part of my life. One of my favorite pictures was taken by RaNita where I was holding a 7 metal tibetan singing bowl.

Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health. Similar to a musical instrument, our bodies can fall out of tune, and as a result, we experience dis-ease. The sound and vibration of the Crystal Singing Bowls can re-tune us back to vibrational harmony, so that healing can occur.

Crystal Singing Bowls are used to address a variety of ailments. They have profound effects on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies where clients experience healing, relaxation and deep transcendental meditation.

They have an ancient history that dates back to at least the seventh century A.D.; most scholars trace the origins of the bowls to their use in rituals and meditation in Tibetan Buddhism.


Known healing benefits:

    • Deep tissue healing, pain management & relief
    • Intense meditative states, heightened consciousness
    • Sleep enhancement, increased energy
    • Natural sense of balance, harmony & relaxation
    • Emotions are calmed, chakras are balanced

The bowls’ soothing tones will hone in on your mental and physical ailments and help to diffuse them. In the beginning of time, according to many sacred texts, sound is named as being a major force of manifestation for all things. Rome, Athens, Egypt, India, China and Tibet have for thousands of years had vast knowledge of the power of sound for healing.

In sacred texts, various writings indicated that therapeutic sound was a tool and a highly developed spiritual science, based upon the understanding that vibration was the fundamental creative force of the universe. While modern physics tells us that everything in this dimension is actually composed of tiny strings that vibrate at different rates.

Knowing this and knowing that science has begun to successfully prove that body functions can be altered by use of sound waves give us strong evidence supporting the healing powers of these breathtaking Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. In fact, there are doctors currently using Tibetan Singing Bowls and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for sound and music therapy to help terminally ill patients deal with pain.

The sound of the bowls can stimulate deep into the body tissues which promotes healing from within. The calming musical tones help to heal by reinstating the natural sense of balance and harmony.

When the body is suffering from a physical ailment, for example a failing kidney, the natural resonant frequency of sound that is produced by the kidney is reduced, creating an imbalance. With crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls, sounding the tone of the bowls can restore an ailing organ by projecting the sound into the body which helps to return the organ to a healthy resonant frequency

Sound will be the medicine of the future, according to the famous psychic healer Edgar Cayce. He also predicted that one day “Sound” would be a cure for cancer. There seems to be more and more information and scientific research that supports Cayce’s predictions which were reported over 50 years ago.

There are many different forms and modalities of sound healing. Sound healing has a major impact on our health. Whether you can hear it or not, everything is sound. Every object in the universe has a resonant frequency.

From the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom, to the planets in distant galaxies revolving around the stars, everything is in a state of vibration, which means everything is creating a sound. The entire universe vibrates at a certain frequency, this is called the Schumann resonanace.


This session of “Showered in Sound” includes:

    • Breathing techniques, chanting, aura cleansing, chakra balancing
    • Vibration from hands
    • Aroma therapy with essential oils, candles, sage and incense. 
    • Spontaneous alpha brain waves
    • Sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls
    • A “full sensory” experience! 
    • Private session $150

To schedule your appointment with Sandra, please give us a call at 956-412-3745

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