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The Hand is the Furthest Extension of the Heart 

Healing Services with Rishi Sandra 


Back by popular demand! Our most popular healing service

Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing


 40 minutes 

Your aura is cleansed with smoke, scent and sound. Your chakras are balanced with a 7 Metal Tibetan Bowl, crystal bowl and tuning forks. Crystal & Essential oil infused elixirs are used to help balance your emotions.  Relaxing, awakening, and intuitive session. Letting go of all that is currently bothering you as the candle flame removes the repeated thought pattern. Then return your candle  for a bonus reading. 

An enlightening conversation will take place after the cleansing to further your insight in spiritual growth based on the cleansing experience.

Hand Analysis Reading

$75- 30 min.

Palm reading of the ancients, Vedic Palmistry, is not telling fortunes, but telling you how fortunate you are. 

We begin by printing your hands, this gives me a snap shot of where you are today. 

After a deep analysis, I will consult you in ways to take control of your life, your destiny. By changing your mind, you change your lines. It's that simple. You do have complete control of what takes place in your life. 


Phone Consultations

$75 - 30 minutes

Life Strategy Session 

$150 - 1 Hour

(our #1 service and best deal)

The session includes an aura cleansing, a chakra balancing, candle and hand analysis session that is recorded by print, and includes a full body analysis to determine where your blockages lie, and what the emotional meaning is behind it. 


Call us @ 956-412-3745 to schedule your appointment today!

Feng Shui Blessing for your home or business 

A Feng Shui blessing can remove the negative chi in and around your house and property. Negative situations such as divorce, bankruptcy, continuing bad luck, death in the house , or not feeling comfortable. A Feng Shui house blessing ceremony can energize your whole house, cure the negative energy, and create a happier and healthier home. The blessing should be done after moving into a new home, , after the completion of a major renovations, or before a special event at your home, and before listing your home for sale. 



Reiki Session 

Energy healing through my hands to your body and auric field. 

This session is most relaxing and healing. Concentrating on areas of concern

 1 hour $100




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